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Welcome to BlindCleaners.biz

Welcome to BlindCleaners.biz, a dedicated resource site for professionally-minded blind and drapery cleaners. Our mission is to support independent cleaners in this niche industry by providing valuable resources, training, and networking opportunities.

We are a community of professionally-minded blind and drapery cleaners, united by our commitment to excellence. Our network is designed for those who strive for professionalism and continuous improvement. We represent blind cleaners’ interests to consumers and fabricators, working to enhance public understanding and elevate industry standards.

Our network includes a diverse range of participants, from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals. We also welcome fabricators, companies, and individuals offering goods or services beneficial to our members, fostering mutually beneficial business relationships.


For 18 years, our professional network has been empowering blind and drapery cleaners through the BlindCleaners.biz Newsletter. With over 550 subscribers, we share articles, trade tips, and insights relevant to both seasoned professionals and newcomers interested in this specialty cleaning field. Our ever-growing database connects blind cleaners from the United States, Canada, and other countries, providing a valuable reference point for consumers seeking local services.


We host around ten webinars annually, covering various trade topics. These sessions are available to our members, with several open to newsletter subscribers. Our webinars provide a platform for knowledge sharing and professional development, ensuring our community stays informed about the latest industry trends and techniques.


Our training philosophy emphasizes real-world experience and professional growth. Unlike other industry offerings, we focus on providing practical, hands-on training without aggressive sales pitches. Our goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the blind and drapery cleaning business.

  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning: For many years, we have offered classes on ultrasonic blind cleaning.
  • On-Site Fabricare Specialist Certification: Since December 2021, we have supported training for the On-Site Fabricare Specialist Certification, originated by Jeff Berkowitz in the 1990s.

Our training includes a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on sessions, allowing participants to learn about various window treatments and cleaning methods using different types of equipment. Our experienced professionals provide personalized guidance, ensuring your questions are answered and your training needs are met.


Bert Bolton, our Administrator, brings a wealth of experience from both the education sector and the blind and drapery cleaning industry in the Chicago region. Bert oversees network activities, develops educational content, and provides technical support.

Vicky Karpiesz, our dedicated Administrative Assistant, manages membership support, newsletter distribution, website updates, customer referrals, and other administrative tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

Feel free to contact us for technical support, membership queries, or to update your company information.

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