2019 Tabbie Award Presented to AATCC for Feature Article in AATCC Review

AATCC has won yet another Tabbie award for an in-depth feature article, published in the January/February 2018 issue of AATCC Review, written by feature writer Craig Crawford.

Crawford chairs and presents at numerous fashion and retail tech events, where he connects global industry leaders and technology innovators. He advises fashion tech startups in both the UK and US. His articles, videos, and webcasts appear on both sides of the Atlantic.

The annual Tabbie Awards are sponsored by Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI). More than 400 editorial and design entries were submitted for the 2019 contest, with nominations coming from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK, and the US.

This latest award is a welcomed addition to the many previous Apex and Tabbie Awards for writing the Association’s publications have enjoyed over the years. “Is Retail Broken?” was a “top ten” award winner and represents the Association’s 20th award for writing or publication design.

As well as publishing original features on major topics of interest to professionals in the textile, apparel, and related industries, AATCC Review also contains technical articles, and AATCC news and information. Launched in January 2014, the AATCC Journal of Research, a sister publication, is exclusively for peer-reviewed research papers.

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