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20 years Of Sustainable Dry Cleaning And Making Memories!

I joined the GreenEarth Cleaning team back in 2009, and I am consistently impressed, even to this day, by this company’s 20-year-long commitment to providing the dry cleaning industry with sustainable and environmentally non-toxic solutions. When I first started 10 years ago, we only offered the GreenEarth solvent, but since then, we’ve branched out to provide a completely optimized System that spans all aspects of the dry cleaning process, including our Prime 3/2 pre-spotter, Sustain detergent, and Activated Clay Filtration.

In my time at GreenEarth, I have been fortunate to work with many Affiliates to make a positive impact and help preserve our planet for future generations. Our Members are just as passionate about GreenEarth’s sustainable mission, and to say their advocacy is inspiring would be an understatement.

I especially enjoy meeting with the Affiliates I’ve talked to over the phone. It’s nice to finally put faces with names when Affiliates come to our Kansas City workshops. Trying to narrow down a favorite memory isn’t easy, but one that’s definitely noteworthy is the Royals game we attended with members of the GreenEarth Family as part of our 2015 workshop. Watching baseball in a private suite with 50 good friends—what could be better than that? I’m looking forward to all we have in store for this year’s event, happening the weekend of Sept. 21 and 22! If you haven’t already booked your spot, you can register here.